Downloading issue

PREMIUM. I ran out of download traffic.

50 Gb / days for members who have PRO account
All not Pro Premium users can download 20 GB in a day, also on the first day of payment you receive 50 GB to download. If you ran out of traffic, just wait for the next day, your traffic will renew automatically at 00:00 GMT. Click Available traffic to see how much traffic you used.

PREMIUM. My download speed is slow or interrupt

You are welcome to use any major download accelerator, e.g. JDownloader, Internet Download Manager, Download Accelerator Plus, Google File Download Manager etc...

This will increase your download speed and let you finish downloads which were interrupted.

If you still feel there is something wrong with the connection, you can send us the tracing details from you to our server so that our tech staff can have a look into the situation.
Go to Start>Accessories>cmd, and type tracert
Copy the results and send them to us.
Find out more about tracing here:

FREE. My downloads are too slow

For free users, the download speed is set to 50 kb/s. If you plan to download a lot, we recommend to purchasing a Premium subscription.

FREE. My waiting time is too long

For free users, there always is a waiting period to make sure our Premium users get maximum bandwidth. If you do not want to wait, we recommend to purchasing a Premium subscription.

I get "401 Unauthorized: Temp URL invalid" when trying to download

Your service provider constantly changing your IP address and our security system reacts as if your account was hacked and blocks the link.
We recommend to use VPN such as: (has a free plan) (Have to buy) it is working good and easy to use.

Also using a Public Proxy Server (e.g. might resolve this problem. Proxy setting can be defined under your browser network or LAN settings.

FREE. Downloading doesn't start after 30 seconds.

If you have problem with entering captcha and after 30 seconds downloading does not start, we recommend to try other browser, like Google Chrome, it should work.
At the moment we are working in fixing this error.
We are sorry for any inconvenience.

I can not download a file, the link is not working

It is possible that the file was deleted by the owner or removed as a result of a copyright claim. If in your case the reason is different, please contact us with more details:
- The file you want to download
- The error message
- Your browser and its version
- Screen shot, if possible
- Your description of the situatio

Can't download a file, I get this message: "Sorry, this file is blocked or deleted"

If you see a message: "Sorry, this file is blocked or deleted", it means the file was removed as a result of a copyright claim

Blocked for too many downloads.

You are probably using some sort of script which generates to many links, our security system detected it as an hack attack and blocks your downloads for some time.
We are sorry for any inconvenience.

I receive Error 503

If you try to download a file an see "Error 503", it means the server is on maintenance.
Try to download your file later.

What is the password for the file I have just downloaded?

We don't keep password information for files that were uploaded by our users for you to download. If necessary, we suggest that you try to contact the owner of the file directly.


You can buy premium account at our Premium page:

What does Recurring subscription mean?

Recurring Subscription means, when your premium membership expired, you will be automatically charged again for the next 30 days premium membership.
So you can enjoy continued access, without having to re-subscribe every month. If you don't like this idea, you can cancel it in your account profile.
An example of recurring subscription is:

You join on March 17th, for $16.95, for 30 days access.
On April 17th, you are charged another $16.95.
On May 17th, another $16.95, and so on.

Recurring payment are only for 3 days trial, 30 days and 90 days.
After you purchase a 3 day trial account, you will be automatically billed for 30-day subscription after the 3 days expire.

Premium Memberships for 365 days is one-time payments.

At any stage, you can cancel your recurring subscription. You'll have access up until the next rebill date, but you won't be rebilled - your account will become free on after last day of premium.

Can I resume a failed download?

Resuming a failed download is not an option for non-Premium users. If the download fails you will have to restart it

protect payments

but if you want to protect your payments, please use e-wallets like bitcoin / payza / skill / etc
or add 3D secure in your Visa card (all payment on the internet must be confirmed by SMS password )

How much can I download with premium account?

Premium users can download 20 gb in a day; your traffic will renew automatically at 00:00 GMT. Also on the first day of payment you receive 50 GB to download.