Install and run on a PC Japanese games

How can I install the Japanese language pack?

100% success for the launch of Japanese games require changing the regional settings to Japanese.
Click “Apply” – after doing this you will need to insert the Windows disk and the program SCOP the files. To start the game, select from the list of Japanese language and restart the computer.

For windows 7/8:

The control panel >>> select region and language >>> set the location and format of the Japanese language.

Add Japanese keyboard layout.

The Japanese language (agree with the changes of the system)

Restart. Now you can run the Japanese toys!
P.S. If for some reason does not start or eject from the game then check – sure you have the NOCD or tablet for games, update your DirectX, update NVIDIA, turn off the firewall or put in sleep mode. That’s all.
Good luck to everyone.